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Newsletter July 2022

WHAT'S IN THIS MONTH'S ISSUE: Keeping Pets Cool in the Summer Heat Updates Keeping Your Pets Cool In The Summer Heat Let's talk keeping our furry family members cool in this heat! There are multiple ways to keep them cool. Let's discuss a few.. If you and your pup like swimming, [...]

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Newsletter November 2021

November 2021 Newsletter for Keystone Animal Hospital We want to wish all our clients and patients a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. We are so thankful for all your support in our first two years. Be safe and enjoy the Holidays!! Overindulging in the family feast can be unhealthy for humans, but [...]

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Newsletter September 2021

September 2021 Newsletter Keystone Animal Hospital FLEAS, TICKS, AND OTHER FALL DANGERS Leaf piles give fleas and ticks plenty of places to hide. Rake up any fallen leaves, trim trees, shrubs, and cut your grass regularly. Even if your pet stays indoors, fleas and ticks can find their way inside [...]

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Newsletter August 2021

Keystone Animal Hospital August Newsletter 2021 We hope you are having a great summer with your fur babies and two legged as well. Stay cool and make memories. Thank you for all your continued referrals and support. Your Keystone Family! Pets Not Only Make Our Lives Fuller; They [...]

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Newsletter July 2021

Happy July 2021 from your Keystone Animal Hospital Family. We hope you all are staying cool and safe during these hot summer months. We here at Keystone are very excited to be allowing clients back into the rooms with their pets. We’re so happy to see everyone’s faces again. We continue to become busy [...]

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Newsletter June 2021

June and July are the most traveled months for summer vacations. Make sure your family pet is just as ready as you are for a fun safe family trip. WELCOME TO THE TEAM CALEB!! We would also like to welcome the newest team member to the Keystone Family. Caleb Martin, Veterinary Technician. [...]

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Newsletter March 2021

FLEA AND TICK Flea fact: did you know that one female flea can produce 2,000 eggs in her lifetime? Tick truth: once attached to your pet, a tick can feed for up to 5 days. A single bite can transmit Lyme disease, a threat in all 50 states. Pets need flea and tick prevention year-round! [...]

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Newsletter December 2020

Keystone Animal Hospital December Edition 2020 Newsletter Quote: “Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life.” -James Cromwell 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Give a Pet as a GiftAre you thinking about giving a pet [...]

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Newsletter November 2020

Going Back to Curbside Due to a recent spike in COVID positive cases in our local veterinary community and the passing of one of our local Veterinarians, we have made the decision to go back to full curbside (with patients only coming into the hospital). We are truly sorry for this inconvenience, but please [...]

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