Elena Kirk

Elena moved to the East Coast around age six after relocating from beautiful Columbus, Ohio. She then moved to the small rural town of Myakka City at the age of 12, where she was able to pursue her passion for equine ownership and sports.

Since her big dream came true, Elena has found her calling through equine and canine rehabilitation and rescue. She now owns a very intimate, one-person foster and adoption company. Elena believes in the better interest of reactive and aggressive canines and has an undeniable understanding for those without a voice, or a choice.

Elena currently has four horses, two goats, nine dogs, three cats, and a batch of feral kittens she plans to rehab and adopt out. She has a HUGE soft spot for Dalmatians and German Shepherd Dogs! Elena takes advantage of all she learns at her position at Keystone Animal Hospital and uses that education in both her workplace and home life, and she is happiest when she can use that knowledge for her patients!