We all love spending sunny summer days outdoors with our furry companions, but being overeager in hot weather can be dangerous. Watching your pet while outside is essential to ensure they do not overheat.

Give your dog a shady spot to hang out on hot days, or keep them inside where there’s air-conditioning so they can stay cool. Ensure they’ve got a fresh bowl of water so they can stay hydrated or rehydrate!


We recommend that you make sure your pet’s vaccinations (Rabies, DA2PP, Leptospirosis, Bordetella) are up to date, as dogs tend to stay outdoors longer in the summer and may come into contact with other animals. Remember to give your pets heartworm, flea, and tick prevention monthly!

It is also vital to remember that our friends with “smushed” faces (Frenchies, Bulldogs, Bostons Terriers, Pugs, etc.) can have a more difficult time relaxing after being out in the heat for short periods of time.


LEPTOSPIROSIS: What is it? Why should you vaccinate?

Leptospirosis, aka “Lepto” as you’ll hear our doctors and techs refer to it as, is a waterborne bacterial disease that can be potentially fatal. It is spread by animals via water, soil and even vegetation. Raccoons, rodents, possums and other urban wildlife can also spread Lepto through their urine. This means pets and humans can be exposed to Lepto anywhere an infected animal urinated. This means that your dog doesn’t even have to drink the contaminated water. They and you can be exposed simply by walking through the contaminated water or soil. Lepto is also zoonotic, which means that if your animal contracts it, it may be spread to you. Symptoms of Lepto can include fever, kidney failure, jaundice, liver failure and in extreme cases, even death. Testing and treatment can be costly and complicated. Signs of Lepto can resemble symptoms of other diseases, making the diagnosis difficult. Dogs with Lepto sometimes may require intensive care and hospitalization. Even with hospitalization, Leptospirosis can still be fatal. We recommend this vaccination if your lifestyle includes your pup in areas like those previously mentioned. Ask about starting the Leptospirosis vaccine series for your dog today!

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