June and July are the most traveled months for summer vacations. Make sure your family pet is just as ready as you are for a fun safe family trip.


We would also like to welcome the newest team member to the Keystone Family. Caleb Martin, Veterinary Technician. Caleb came to us from a log history of working in the animal field. He has worked with some of our team members before and has made a great addition to our group. Caleb has many exotics (Has a love of reptiles) and a Staffy named Bane. Caleb also does a lot of work with large animal livestock. He volunteers his time as a 4H leader for Manatee County helping to give back and help educate the future generations.

We have had a wonderful month here at Keystone. We hope to be opening the clinic so we can see all of your wonderful faces again in July. Please be patient with us as we work out the details of allowing clients back inside. We are such a small family group we can not afford to let anyone get sick. We do not want to risk not having enough hands to care for your wonderful furry family members.

Dr. Sara and Dr. Anne work tirelessly to provide the best for all our of wonderful patients.

We look forward to the next half of the year and see what we have in store for us as we continue to grow.

Thank you for all of your continued support and commitment.

The Keystone Team