Our Veterinary Team in Bradenton, FL

In everything we do, we believe in caring for you and your pet like our own. We believe in thinking about the total picture of pet ownership, and in guiding you and your pet to a longer, happier life together. Meet our veterinary team below!

Our Doctor

Dr. Teed

Managing DVM

Originally from New Brunswick, Canada, where he enjoyed snowboarding and Poutine. He attended St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and then onto veterinary school at The Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, Virginia. Dr. Teed traveled to India to expand his knowledge and experiences to a wide variety of animals, including elephants too! (How cool!) Dr. Teed loves taking the scientific/ technical knowledge from veterinary medicine and explaining it to owners in a more understandable way. He has a passion for many species, but primarily sees canines, felines, lagomorphs (rabbits), and “pocket pets”. Dr. Teed loves teaching pet owners about what is wrong, why it’s wrong, what needs to be done, and why. Education has been the foundation for his career and loves to share what he learns with others to expand the human-animal bond. Dr. Teed and his wife, Nina, have 3 dogs, Duck (pointer), Goose (black lab), and Monster (Chocolate lab). When he is not practicing veterinary medicine, he enjoys doing trivia, golfing and fishing with friends!

Our Staff

Kennedy Wilson

Veterinary Technician/Assistant Manager

Kennedy was born and raised in Steubenville, Ohio. She moved to Florida with her family in the summer of 2013. When Kennedy was in high school she volunteered at local animal shelters. Working with the animals ignited her passion for helping and healing animals. Kennedy turned that love and passion for animal health into a career in 2014, when she began working as a veterinary technician. She lives in Ellenton, Florida, with her family and fur babies. Her furry children include Jack, an 8-year-old Pit/Lab mix, Echo, a 3-year-old American Bully, Oliver, a Tuxedo kitty, and Pixie, a 7-year-old Chiweenie that came through Keystone as a rescue in very bad shape before being nursed back to health by Kennedy and the team. 

Kennedy is the only other founding technician who helped to open the doors of Keystone Animal Hospital. She was looking for something different, a different way of providing care for animals and their clients. She loved working with Dr. Sara in the past and knew that with Dr. Sara’s help, she could expand her abilities to help animals in a welcoming and calming environment. In her spare time, she enjoys being with family and friends and spending time outside, especially on the water where she is an avid fisher.


Veterinary Technician

Ashley moved to Florida in the summer of 2021 from Ketchikan, Alaska with her husband and their son. With her husband being in the Coast Guard and moving all around the Northwest, they were very happy to settle in warm Florida. Shortly after settling in, they adopted a Terrier mix named Stella. Ashley found her love for animals after working with exotics and wildlife while living in Washington State. She has been in the field for 7 years now and looks forward to helping even more animals here in Florida. On her time off, Ashley loves taking her son to the beach or to swim in the pool.

Alexis Wyatt

Veterinary Technician

In November 2022, Alexis became a part of the team at Keystone Animal Hospital. As a lifelong Floridian, she has recently made the exciting move to Palmetto after building a home with her boyfriend. Originally, she had her sights set on a career in human medicine, but fate had other plans. After just a short time in the field, Alexis discovered that animals hold the key to her heart and she decided she wanted to help them in any way she could. She enjoys building relationships with pets and their owners. When Alexis is not busy dedicating herself to her furry patients, you can find her out on the boat, fishing and basking in the beauty of our incredible island home. She has two dogs, Khloe, a Miniature Pinscher, and Ozzie, her rescued Australian Cattle dog mix.

Elena Kirk

Veterinary Technician

Elena moved to the East Coast around age six after relocating from beautiful Columbus, Ohio. She then moved to the small rural town of Myakka City at the age of 12, where she was able to pursue her passion for equine ownership and sports.

Since her big dream came true, Elena has found her calling through equine and canine rehabilitation and rescue. She now owns a very intimate, one-person foster and adoption company. Elena believes in the better interest of reactive and aggressive canines and has an undeniable understanding for those without a voice, or a choice.

Elena currently has four horses, two goats, nine dogs, three cats, and a batch of feral kittens she plans to rehab and adopt out. She has a HUGE soft spot for Dalmatians and German Shepherd Dogs! Elena takes advantage of all she learns at her position at Keystone Animal Hospital and uses that education in both her workplace and home life, and she is happiest when she can use that knowledge for her patients!