Spotless Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Services in Bradenton, FL

We understand that maintaining your pet’s dental health takes more than offering them dental treats. That’s why our veterinary team in Bradenton, FL, provides professional cat and dog teeth cleaning services to prevent dental disease and keep your pet’s teeth in optimal condition for life. Dental disease is unfortunately common in pets, and it can be uncomfortable and lead to more severe health problems if it isn’t kept at bay with routine care. By integrating a robust dental care regimen, we can ensure your pet's teeth are sparkling clean and free from disease, helping them maintain a bright and healthy smile for the foreseeable future.

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Cat And Dog Teeth Cleaning In Bradenton Fl

Is It Time for a Dental Check-Up?

Just like us, pets can experience dental discomfort but they might not show obvious signs of pain. Routine oral exams can help, but it’s also beneficial to know what to look for. Some common signs of dental problems include:

  • Persistent bad breath – a telltale sign of dental problems
  • Increased drooling
  • Difficulty eating, such as dropping food or chewing on one side only
  • Reluctance to engage with chew toys or play tug-of-war
  • Signs of discomfort around the mouth, such as rubbing or pawing
  • Visible signs of irritation like red or swollen gums – a quick lip lift can help you spot these

What to Expect During Your Pet’s Teeth Cleaning Visit

At Keystone Animal Hospital, we take every precaution to make sure your pet’s teeth cleaning procedure is effective, safe, and comfortable. Our process includes:

  • Conducting a comprehensive pre-anesthetic exam and bloodwork to confirm that your pet is healthy enough for anesthesia
  • Utilizing advanced dental X-ray equipment to examine the internal structures of your pet’s teeth and jaw for any hidden issues
  • Thoroughly removing plaque and tartar buildup using both ultrasonic scaling and precise hand tools
  • Performing extractions if necessary, while providing pain management to support a comfortable recovery

Managing Dental Care for Your Pet at Home

In addition to professional teeth cleanings, ongoing home care is essential for the long-term prevention of plaque and tartar buildup. We recommend daily teeth brushing (or every few days) and can suggest appropriate dental diets, oral care wipes, water additives, chews, and other products to support your pet’s dental health.

Keystone Animal Hospital is here to help keep your pet’s smile bright and healthy for as long as possible. Reach out today to discuss your pet’s dental needs or to schedule their next visit!

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