Cat and Dog Wellness Exams in Bradenton, FL

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Cat and dog wellness exams are necessary to maintain your pet’s lifelong health. These exams create a baseline and serve as the foundation for their care going forward, allowing us to spot any changes and deepen our understanding of your pet’s health needs. At Keystone Animal Hospital, we recommend coming in for an exam at least once a year. Dogs and cats age faster than we do and their risk of illness increases with age. Like you, we want your pets to lead long, joyful lives, free from the troubles of preventable diseases and infections.

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What to Expect During Your Pet’s Exam

At our Bradenton, FL animal hospital, pet exams cover several important checks. During your yearly visit, here’s a preview of what to expect at your appointment:

A Head-to-Toe Physical

This essential step helps us evaluate your pet's health status. We examine the heart, lungs, check body temperature, and weight, and then look at:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Joints
  • Paws
  • Back
  • Skin
  • Coat

We conduct a thorough review from nose to tail, looking for any unusual lumps, bumps, lesions, hair loss, discharge, and checking for hearing or vision issues. Annual or biannual examinations enable us to identify potential diseases or infections early on, when they're often more manageable.

Blood and Fecal Testing

Beyond the physical exam, we conduct blood and fecal tests to assess your pet's internal health and screen for parasites, infections, and other hidden problems.

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Puppy's First Visit


Vaccinations protect your dog or cat from various prevalent and serious diseases. If your pet is due for booster shots, we can administer them during your visit. Depending on your pet's health and lifestyle, we might adjust their vaccination schedule so it better suits their needs.

Parasite Prevention

Continuous protection against heartworms, fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms is necessary year-round. We'll conduct tests during your pet’s visit to check for parasites and update their monthly preventatives if needed.

Nutritional Counseling

Every pet needs a balanced, age-appropriate diet to maintain their health, and their dietary needs naturally evolve as they age. Our team offers guidance on the right diet for your pet, helping you understand the best feeding amounts and frequency. We can also offer advice on the best pet food and treat brands, so you can make more prudent choices.

For a happy, healthy pet, annual or biannual wellness exams at Keystone Animal Hospital are the way to go. Schedule your pet’s next wellness visit today!