Veterinary Diagnostics and Radiology in Bradenton, FL

At Keystone Animal Hospital, we strive to fully understand your pet's health to provide them with the best possible care. Our capabilities in laboratory testing and veterinary radiology for dogs and cats allow us to extend our health evaluations and uncover vital details about your pet's condition. Equipped with a complete in-house testing laboratory and digital X-ray equipment, our tools provide crucial information that enhances the treatment we provide to your pet, helping them maintain better health for longer.

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The Advantages of Laboratory Testing

We can perform an array of important lab tests with our in-house equipment. Routinely recommended tests help us monitor your pet's ongoing health, while specific screenings can detect particular illnesses. Relying solely on physical examinations can leave us guessing about many internal conditions. Blood, fecal, and urine tests reveal much about what's happening inside your pet that we wouldn't otherwise detect, aiding us greatly in making or confirming diagnoses.

Recommended Lab Tests for Pets

We commonly recommend the following tests to help dogs and cats stay healthy:

  • Blood chemistry profile
  • CBC (complete blood cell count)
  • Heartworm test
  • Fecal exam
  • Urinalysis
  • Tick-borne disease test (4DX)

Looking Deeper with Veterinary Radiology

Our digital X-ray technology helps us investigate issues related to your pet's bones, joints, heart, and lungs in ways that a physical exam and blood work cannot. X-rays can reveal bone fractures, arthritis, joint deformities, and sometimes the size and location of foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract. We perform X-rays swiftly and safely, and we can send your pet’s images to other hospitals for further evaluation when necessary.

By integrating sophisticated lab diagnostics with detailed imaging, we provide a comprehensive view of your pet's health, allowing for more accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

Digital Xray