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Exotic Veterinarian in Bradenton, FL

Dogs and cats are not our only patients here at Keystone Animal Hospital. We provide dedicated care tailored to the unique needs of your exotic pets, too. Our team can see mice, rats, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, hedgehogs, and chinchillas. Whether you're a seasoned pet owner or new to the world of exotic animals, our skilled team is here to support you with a full range of veterinary services. From wellness exams to surgery, we’re here to help you nurture their health and ensure their longevity.

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Services We Provide for Exotic Pets

Our exotic pet care services in Bradenton cover all the essentials, from annual wellness visits to vaccines and surgery.

Comprehensive Wellness Exams

Exotic pets need routine wellness visits just like dogs and cats do. Our wellness exams are thorough, ensuring that any potential health issues are identified and addressed early. We assess overall health, screen for diseases, and offer expert advice on the care of your exotic pet.

Surgical Care

We offer surgical services including spaying and neutering, which are important for controlling the pet population and reducing the risk of certain reproductive diseases. Our facility is also equipped to perform cystotomies and other medical surgeries, using techniques that ensure your pet’s safety.

Vaccinations and Preventive Care

While not all exotic pets require vaccinations, we can provide necessary immunizations based on your pet’s species, health, and lifestyle needs. Preventive care is vital to avoid common and serious health problems in pets such as ferrets, rabbits, and others.

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Illness and Urgent Care

If your exotic pet falls ill, our team is ready to provide expert care with a gentle touch. We offer treatment for various acute and chronic conditions to give your pet the best possible outcome.

Expert Husbandry Advice

Proper care goes beyond medical attention. We discuss husbandry, offering advice tailored to the needs of each species — from mice to chinchillas. Topics include optimal nutrition, appropriate habitat conditions, and general well-being to help you create the best home for your pet.